EN ISO 374-1:2016

EN ISO 374-1:2016

This standard specifies the capability of gloves to protect the user against chemicals and micro-organisms.

Standard EN ISO 374-1: 2016


Protective gloves against chemicals

It is based on three methods:

● Penetration test in accordance with standard EN374-2: 2014

● Permeation test in accordance with standard EN16523-1: 2015 which replaces standard


● Degradation test in accordance with standard EN374-4: 2013                                                 

The "Chemical resistant" gloves classified as Type A, B or C

EN 374-1判级表格.png

EN 374-1化学品表格.png

Each chemical tested is classified in terms of breakthrough time (performance level 0 to 6 ):

EN 374-1-反应时间表格.png

● Degradation test (deterioration of the physical properties of the glove in contact with the chemical) in accordance with EN 374-4: 2013

To be able to claim protection against a chemical of the list, permeation and from now degradation tests must be carried out. 

The results of the degradation test must appear in the information leaflet.

Standard EN ISO 374-5: 2016


Protective gloves against micro-organisms

Gloves must pass the penetration resistance test in accordance with standard EN 374-2: 2014. The possibility of claiming protection against viruses was added, if the glove passes ISO 16604: 2004 (method B) test.

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