●  Superb combination of Heat, FR and Cut protection for heavy duty jobs

●  Contact temperature level 4 (500 degrees C) requires 15 seconds while EUHC3520 achieved 21 seconds;

    Convective heat level 4 requires 18 seconds while EUHC3520 achieved 37 seconds

●  MANOSUN exclusive technology of double layer liner offering best protection against high temperature

●  The MOST flexible & comfortable heat resistant glove in the market, well up to 500 degrees C.

●  Silicon stripes providing excellent grip, extra heat resistance and durability

●  Multiple launderings while both heat and cut resistant level remain the same

●  Ambidextrous design to make the glove cost effective


Extrusion, Laboratory, Automotive, Engineering,

Hot Handling, Glass Handling, Circuit Boards, Injection Moulding

Article No. Gauge Coating Colour Size Length CE
EUHC3520 7 Silicon Black 10 350mm Cat. III

Technical Date Sheet