EN 16350:2014


This standard provides additional requirements for protective gloves that are wore in ares where flammable or explosive areas exist or might be present. It specifies a test method and requirements for performance, marking and information for electrostatic dissipative protective gloves to minimize explosion risks.


● Oxygen-enriched flammable atmosphere

   Atmosphere in which the oxygen content exceeds 21;5% volume fraction of air

● Vertical resistance


   Electrical resistance through a material in Ohms, as determined by using specified electrodes

● To earth

   Connect a conductor to the main body of the earth to ensure that it is earth potential


Material requirements

● Vertical resistance < 1.0*108 Ω

Design requirements

● Protective gloves shall be produced without electrically conductive connections (e.g. by metal rivets).

● External thin attachments, such as label or reflective strips shall be permanently attached around all edges. 

● Adjustment systems such as hook and loop systems not be used.